La mariposa no quiere echar a volar

Y es que está muy cómoda en la primera posición de las listas ventas. Por 4ª semana consecutiva, Butterfly lidera las "chart lists".

1. Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) and Butterfly (花蝴蝶) with 26.3% sales
2. By2 and Twins with 10.14% sales
3. Li Li Wei (李立崴) and You (你) with 7.02% sales
4. Multiple Artists (合輯) and K.O.3an Guo OST (強辯之[終極三國]三團鼎立SUPER大鬥陣) with 6.4% sales
5. a Chord Hsieh (謝和弦) and Nothing But A Chord (雖然很芭樂) with 3.51% sales

¡Felicidades Jolin!

Hime ^^

4 comentarios:

Roddy dijo...

Hey, do you know how much Jolin sold with "Butterfly"?


Hime dijo...

No, G-music only gives the % of total solds, and i dont know any website where are the number of Cd's

Roddy dijo...

Thank you :D

I saw in wikipedia that it sold more than 150.000 but it's probably sold more now (:

Hime dijo...

Yep, cause only in preorders, she sold more than 120.000 xD